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people just piss me off nowadays, i'm glad i'm over my "i'm paris hilton days" lol
first of all, the bitch is 26 years old, she's not famous and she has a weird eye
fags just annoy the shit out of me
i hate people who take myspace pics with their cellphones being in clear view
i hate people who make their lips pouty
i hate people who say "i'm hot" when they're fucking ugly
i hate people who say "i look fat" when they're fucking skinny...or fat
i get easily annoyed nowadays
i've literally said "fuck you" to 4 customers in the past 4 days then hang up
i feel like i'm permanently coked out for two reasons...
i can't stop moving and i can't sit still for two long...PLUS i feel a piece of loose cartilage hanging from my nose
i feel like keisha, i can't stand or do anything for 2 min at a time unless i'm under the influence of something
i don't appreciate anything accept energy drinks, family, some friends, and substances
I'VE COMPLETELY GIVEN UP ON GETTING A THUG THE ONES that do exist won't give me the time of day, they're shallow...enough said...i'm too ugly for them...its sorta like dating a saudi arabian, they like to keep it in the family
i hate work
i love to sleep
sleep and energy drinks are my only favorite things (ironically)
and music
i forgot that

...excuse me while i snort the other half of my percocet


lets not...

    I've decided i'm not going to go back to school. money doen'st motivate me, i like the finer things in life, i am materialistic. school/getting a MBA/being successful is for people who want "families." 

instead, i plan on moving back home, waiting until i'm 21 and moving to either NY or LA, pretty cliche, but i am NOT happy here. i figure finding a significant other in NY or LA is more likey than finding one here, all i basically need is a decent paycheck, a decent place, and love. I can live without a mercedes and a big house at the end of the ocean.

     some people never get a break...and i am one of those people

    it's not easy watching the man of your dreams hit on your straight best friend...or the guy who claims "he loved you" tearing it up and not even acknowleding your presence

   it sucks..believe me. it's a world of liquor to escape and the cuts to escape even more

   justin was right...I LOVE YOU GUYS TO DEATH but the only people who could really take care of my emotions were luci and karla...and now what?? THEY'RE GONE

    it sucks, it really does...


eeee. i love tearing it up with jodi and courtney and clarisa (long time no see) too bad we didnt'; hear "showstopper" tah. but yeah me and jodi tearing it up to juvenile - back that ass up..grossssss... i hate throwing up..i love soco...but too much makes my stomach turn


     I did a good deed today, one of the mexican janitors who barely spoke english made hand gestures halfway across the cafeteria pointing to his watch "HABLA ESPANOL?" i was like "uhmmm un pequito"I  guess he wanted me to help him with his armitron walmart wrist watch and wanted to set it for 3AM, so I hope i did it right and he'll wake up at 3AM...he pointed to his head and mine and was like "looks nice" and he took off his hat and had long ass hair and said something in spanish and smiled. WHAT? I think he was just saying "look i have long hair haha"

    Anyway, i was a coach today at work LOL i guess they had too many universal agents today and my supervisor put me in "team mtg" and was like "you're going to be coaching until 9" i was like "uhmm well alright" lol so i walked around and looked important, luckily I didn't look stupid and had the answers to alot of questions. There is this cutie, he's gangster/thug, bald fade, diamond studs, adidas, grey contacts, plucked eyebrows and to make it even better...braces, i think braces are so sexy, call me crazy...whats weird? he's like 5'1 or 5'2 at the most. I saw him barely stand him and could only see his hand over the cubicle raising his hand, i practically ran over to him LOL he needed help with a shipping question and explained it really well that made my night

    I have to start an investigation on my lost money order and it's going to take 6 - 8 weeks, i told The Exchange today, i'm hoping there just going to be like "It's okay just forget it" 

    I'm bored, I have nothing to do tomorrow until 6:00. Today I slept until 3...LOVESIT


    So you guys should seriously consider trying vodka with chocolate milk! YUMM! lol jk ewww. anyway, i have to wake up in 2 more hours and get ready for work. BLEH. uni training goes by fast, i love the 6:00am - 2:30 pm shift, goes by quickly. 

NEW SHIFT: 6pm - 10pm MON - FRI

can you guys get that one down right??!!! 

it's so freakin cold in my house and i love it.


Bored. went through melo entries..FUN!!!

Found this and thought it was pretty interesting, dated sometime in July of 2003...

YEAH, i hate weed/pot/mary J/whatever you wanna call it, its so dumb, it messes up your mind, it kills brain cells that you can’t get back, it kills femininity in women and makes men feminine. I am getting pissed now, I am about to say "No FUCKING WEED PERIOD AT MY HOUSE!!" you can snort 10 lines of coke, you can shoot up 5 times, you can drink yourself to death, but there will be NO WEED !!!

Geez how much of a prude was I ? lmao

loves it


     I was offered to go Universal at work, Or should I say TOLD. TAh, they were literally pressuring me i was like "uhmm" one of my old supervisors and my new supervisor came up to me all excited and they were like "you're going universal!" all happy i was like "i am?" and they told me my quality is excellent, i have great AHT, blah blah I know, tah. I had to use my stern "thanks but no thanks" attitude. I can't stand to sit a room from 2:45-11:15, it's so boring. i missed out on the extra dollar raise, oh well =-/

   Other than that i've been seeing all of u lovely's. Jodi's was awesome. afterwards me and lucia went to wal-mart on the southside and just walked around. WHY? i have no idea. I spilt my weed in my car and have a BAD HABIT of losing shit while i'm under the influence of anything. i literally bought 2 lighters last night. I love "Sauce" and thats about it

  NEW PET PEEVE: people leaving their empty water bottles and candy wrappers in my car. EATAFATONE.

Crime Mob - Rock Her Hips
Ciara Ft. Chamillionaire: Get Up 
Monica Ft. Dem Franchize Boyz: When The Beat Drops



The Twin guy often can't help but seek the thrill that potential sexual triumph's provide. Flirting affords an escape valve, but only to a point. As such, many a Gemini will forgo channeling his obsession with immortality into procreation and instead attempt to remain forever young, playing the dating game until he seems, well, dated. When it comes to sex, Gemini consciously considers what it takes to be good in bed. The twin guy uses his head, and nobody is better with his hands, His oral skills extends to the bedroom as well. No guy can get a girl off quicker, so long as we're speaking strictly of clitorial stimulation as a vehicle to orgasm. He'll twiddle, squeeze, bite, pinch, lick, and blowwhile poking, providing a woman with the feel of a full body climax, no pale substitute, in the end, for a straight on plowing. In some cases he may seek to overcome a sense of sexual inferiority through dominant role play, a soupcon of which is all it takes to impart a major thrill to the Twins, whose trademark fantasy involves subjecting women to compromising, but rarely all out humiliating positions. Sex must always, first and foremost, be fun. Like a terrier, he'll root out every corner of a female's fantasy life, urging her to admit, and submit to, her kinkiest longings. He thrives on experimentation and detests routine. He has a weakness for high class hookers who don't mind going around looking like they've just stepped out of the pages of Penthouse. Moreover, he is specifically turned on by the idea of tag teaming a female with another fellow, just so long as he needen't play second banana. Puns aside, he'd like to be both director and feature actor.

Straight turn-ons: Small women, home girls, red heads, hour glass figures, white panties, snake eyes, long legs, m-f-f threesomes, girl-on-girl porn, little boy role-play, high-class hookers, lite b+d, (active) oral, (active) humiliation, spanking, mind games, high heels, peep shows, striptease, g-strings, lingerie, manicured muffs, swinging, swapping, giving pearl necklaces, lipstick, nail polish, tag-teaming


He is partnership oriented in the extreme and seeks out a potential lover whom he feels will be capable of committing to a long term relationship. Still, he'll require that all important freedom, including those occasional peccadilloes. He's attracted to intellectuals, which raise on of the most misunderstood inferences regarding Gemini as a whole: Those born under the Twins are typically credited with being brainy in their own right when, in fact, it is need to be stimulated mentally that characterize the sign. He seeks his soul mate i the literal, Platonic sense of a lover embodying his other half: someone without whom he cannot achieve wholeness in his life. Gemini man thrives on fun and excitement, and being able to share a stirring social life with his lover is a crucial requirement for their success. He is painfully attracted to men who are wqually youthful in countenance, as he relishes the envious glances and flirtatious come ons that are flung in their shared directions. If his lover is up for it, nothing is more exciting than the prospect of a third male party to play with. And he especially enjoys indulging his more over bottom fantasies, particularly if the feature is sorely lacking in his relationship. Regardless of their erotic repertoire, affection will be a keynote- constant cooing, kissing touching as well as exhaustive foreplay routines are must haves for the gay Gemini. His primary fantasy is generally to become wholly subservient to a sexual badass- leather, boots, the whole kit and caboodle. This sexual dynamic is often the polar opposite of the emotional dynamic that manifests with a committed partner.

Gay turn-ons: Bottoming, sugar daddies, hairy chests, legs, rough trade, bears, bikers, truckers, (passive) b+d, (passive) lite s+m, briefs, jockstraps, circle jerks, forced submission, clubs, private sex parties, goatees, nipple clamps, piercings, dirty talk/phone/cyber, gang-bang fantasies, group sex, (passive) rimming, swallowing, (passive) tea bagging, slaving, leather, rubber, latex, lite scat, gay outings, cruises

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